At What Price Urkel? Jaleel White Looks Back In Vanity Fair

Once an actor develops a character that becomes an inextricable part of the cultural zeitgeist, for example Family Matters’ Steve Urkel, it can be difficult to keep that persona alive year after year without some part of the performer getting suffocated. In this case, that would be his balls. “I was getting network notes on the bulge of my sack!,” Jaleel White explained in Vanity Fair. “I wore my pants so freaking tight and it was like, after awhile, we got a problem there. So, literally, the last season we loosened up his pants.” Like every child star, White ran into a biological wall no love of cheese or suave clones could overcome. “I knew physically I had made certain sacrifices to keep that property alive that just couldn’t be made anymore,” he said. “I wasn’t changing my hair; I was staying out of the gym. To be honest, I was retarding my own growth as a man in order to maintain the authenticity to what I thought that character should be.” White also describes his upcoming rom-com, as well as narrowly missing the opportunity to play Rudy Huxtable, which was originally written as as boy. But before you silently weep for what cannot be changed, remember that, as Jaleel explains, “all of these rejections resulted in me making a shitload of money elsewhere.”

At What Price Urkel? Jaleel White Looks Back In Vanity […]