When Celebrities Crash Weather Reports: A Retrospective
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Celebrity Weather Report Crashings

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Tom Hanks, Univision

Sample Quote: "Look at Nueva York. Oh! 78 right there."

Analysis: The onus on Hanks was to go bigger than his weather-crashing predecessors, and he did! There is dancing, there is music, there is a hot weather lady, there is someone narrating the entire thing for some reason, and it is all in Spanish. Squint, and this could be a deleted scene from Lost in Translation.
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Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera, Good Day Atlanta

Sample Quote: "Afternoon words are above me."

Analysis: In the middle of a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World press tour, Schwartzman and Cera dropped by Good Day Atlanta's weather report, and like Hanks, Schwartzman's first instinct was to dance. (It must be a thing!) Soon enough, both got sidetracked by (and grew obsessed with) a school bus animation cued up to play on the screen behind them.
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Steve Carell, GMTV

Sample Quote: "Let's just say this: You will be seeing a lot of rain wherever you go in the U.K."

Analysis: In a remarkably better weather report than his Anchorman character Brick Tamland is probably capable of, Carell intentionally mistakes Europe for North America. But the biggest takeaway from this weather-crash? How positively sweet those British newscasters are!
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Gerard Butler, GMTV

Sample Quote: "Temperatures — I'm guessing — will be lower in the north."

Analysis: Butler's not a natural-born comedian, and thus, he plays his weather report appealingly straight. Again, the polite GMTV news teams seem to bring out the best in people.
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Paul Lynde, WSPD-TV

Sample Quote: "And 69 ... ha ha ha! You know, I have a niece who lives in 69."

Analysis: The weather forecasts were a little more quaint back in 1978, and yet, they were also forward-thinking enough to allow gay comedian Paul Lynde the opportunity to basically just riff for five innuendo-filled minutes, as the newscasters and cameramen double over with laughter.
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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Hawaii News 8

Sample Quote: "I'm just going to say what everyone else in America is thinking: Hawaii, you're a pussy."

Analysis: Honestly, Hawaii News 8 got off kind of easy here! Aside from some light jabs at the state's good weather and the hairstyle of the anchorman, Triumph kept himself in check. No one was humped, nor pooped on. Still, cute Hawaiian shirt, Triumph.
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Hal Sparks, Fox59 Morning News

Sample Quote: "That's what we do in the weather business: We tell you how to feel."

Analysis: Few weather forecasts begin with a Hitler impression. There may be a good reason for that.
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Laura Dern, David Lynch's Online Weather Report

Sample Quote:  N/A

Analysis: Lynch's online weather reports are so weird on their own (what could be more unsettling than the master of the outre doing something so mundane?) that the addition of Dern, silently holding a backwards piece of paper onto which the date is scribbled, is practically preordained. Here's one weather report where a celebrity party crasher couldn't possibly come up with something odder than its everyday host.


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