Comedy Central Orders Two New Sketch Shows From Nick Kroll, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele

Deadline is reporting that  Comedy Central announced two new sketch shows for their 2012 lineup. The first show stars MadTV alum Keegan-Michael Key, as well as Jordan Peele, in a show that mixes filmed shorts and sketches in front of a live-studio audience. The second is The Nick Kroll Show, which seems pretty much inevitable if you saw his stand-up special in January. The show follows many of Kroll’s alter egos, with the premiere episode featuring Bobby Bottlservice teaming up with Jon Daly’s Peter Paparazzo to solve mysteries for Christian Audigier, a basketball ref desperate to befriend the players, Aspen Bruckheimer, son of Jerry, and “The PubLIZity Girls,” or Kroll and Jenny Slate as publicists on the edge of a complete meltdown. I’m going to assume that Fabrice held out for his own sitcom, because diva does not begin to describe him.

Comedy Central Orders Two New Sketch Shows From Nick […]