Critics’ Choice Television Awards Honor ‘Most Exciting New Series’ That Isn’t On TV Yet

The Critics’ Choice Television Awards might be airing on June 20, but they are already weighing in on some shows the rest of us peons won’t see for months. The show is giving a shout-out to new programs via the Most Exciting New Series award, specifically for shows premiering after June 1, 2011. The category is “voted by broadcast journalists who have seen the pilots and any available episodes,” who are no doubt lording it over their friends and family as we speak, saying things like “There’s this great part where…oh right, you didn’t see yet,” or wordlessly pausing to chuckle and shake their head while drinking their coffee. It goes without saying that this seems destined to give a ratings kick in the pants to these specific shows, yes? The eight shows getting name checked include:

  • Alcatraz, Fox/Warner Bros.
  • Apartment 23, ABC/20th Century Fox
  • Awake, NBC/20th Century Fox
  • Falling Skies, TNT/DreamWorks
  • New Girl, Fox/ 20th Century Fox
  • Ringer, CW/Warner Bros
  • Smash, NBC/DreamWorks/Universal Media
  • Terra Nova, Fox/ 20th Century Fox
  • Critics’ Choice Television Awards Honor ‘Most Exciting […]