Finally, a Christian Sex Comedy Featuring Rev. Ted Haggard and Candace Cameron!

Hoooo eeee. This is a trailer for The Waiting Game, a low budget Christian “sex comedy” that is about not having sex. It features a cameo from Ted Haggard, who “resigned in disgrace from the New Life Church after revelations that he had had a drug-fueled sexual relationship with a gay male former escort.” Also, Candace Cameron, who you may know better as DJ from Full House.

Rich Praytor, one of the producers, acknowledged the similarities between The Waiting Game and Virgin. “I love all the Judd Apatow movies – ‘40 Year Old Virgin,’ ‘Knocked Up,’ ‘Superbad’ – they’re all great,” he told the Colarado Springs Gazette. “So we wanted to take something like that into the Christian arena.”

The filmmakers have taken some inspiration from Judd Apatow, minus all the godless drug use and premarital sex that ruin his movies.They’re trying to raise $2 million to finish the movie and presumably get the rights to “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” for the climactic scene where Jack finally bangs DJ Tanner. [via]

Finally, a Christian Sex Comedy Featuring Rev. Ted […]