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Four Highlights From Last Night’s Finale of The Voice

Depending on your point of view, the big winner of The Voice last night may be newly cool NBC, the studly coach Blake Shelton, almost-winner-by-the-smallest-of-margins Dia Frampton, or, you know, the actual winner, Javier Colon. We say the winner is us, viewers who got to watch a singing competition without a single train wreck audition; a singing competition in which an incredibly hot young lady got booted in round one not once but twice when her voice failed to wow in a blind audition; a singing competition in which, as on last night’s results show, famous singers showed up not just to act as “mentors” and promote their newest singles, but to perform duets with the contestants, proving that The Voice talent is actually capable of singing harmonies. What else made us feel like winners last night? Our top four best moments:

1. Christina Aguilera’s unconscious boob adjustment after watching Javier Colon’s gorgeous duet of “Landslide” with Stevie Nicks. It’s like we’ve role reversed with Xtina and she somehow feels like she’s the one sitting at home eating Funyuns in her underwear.

2. Adam Levine, by far the most competitive of the coaches, doing a dance in his chair somewhere between a prayer and a little boy who really needs to pee while waiting to hear the results. And then his genuine, near-tears elation when Javier won, like a proud wife.

3. Getting to see how coach Cee Lo Green encouraged Vicci Martinez to let her freak flag fly, via her clothing and hairstyle choices in her clips package. Love the final look, some cross between Mad Max end-of-days leather and boa-heavy costume from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. See also: Cee Lo’s excellent black track jacket with the words “Cee Lo Green” in gold sequins on the back.

4. Almost-almost winner Dia Frampton’s lovely duet of “The House That Built Me” with coach Blake Shelton’s wife, Miranda Lambert. The song rightly swept the Country Music Awards and deserves a bigger audience, which it will get now that Frampton is dominating the iTunes charts. Bonus: Shelton referred to Frampton as family, which fits in nicely with one viewer’s opinion that he’s kind of like the creepy uncle you don’t want to be alone in a room with. Some of you may go with sweet father figure, but to each his own.

What did you guys like?

Four Highlights From Last Night’s Finale of The Voice