It’s Pretty Much Up to Louis CK Whether or Not Louie Gets Another Season

It’s funny, last year John Landgraf said something to me like well, so next year hopefully your ratings will bump, but if they don’t then it’s really going to be up to you if you want to keep doing it or not. And it was a crazy thing for me to hear him say that, as if it would ever be anything but that I’d want to do it. Because there is fatigue, it’s fucking hard, but what I know from experience is that if I was getting a million dollars a show it wouldn’t make it easier. It wouldn’t make it more fun.So I really like that I just do this for the sake of doing it and so that it’s on the air and it kind of enriches everything for me. A lot of TV writers and creators and stars and stuff, they want a lot of fucking money. And they sink their own shows. It’s easier to cancel a show if it’s expensive.

Because Louie is made so cheaply, FX is able to justify running it even if the ratings this season aren’t great. In fact, they’ve pretty much told him that he can keep making it as long as he wants to. From Time’s interview with CK today:

It’s Pretty Much Up to Louis CK Whether or Not Louie […]