Jason Sudeikis on SNL Secrets, Postshow Parties and Mambo No. 5

In Jason Sudeikis’s Playboy interview, the Horrible Bosses actor reveals a few of the hidden specifics that make working at the Rock as special and legendary as you’d fantasized. “Oh yeah, there’s stuff everywhere,” Sudeikis said. “On the eighth floor there’s a chute made entirely of brick, almost like an elevator shaft that doesn’t have an elevator. You can look straight up and see the sky. People used to go out there and smoke all the time. Now alarms go off. There’s a sign that says WATCH YOUR HEAD over stage left of the studio, and somebody wrote ‘Farley’ on the bottom of it because I guess Chris Farley used to always hit his head when he ran off stage for a quick change. There are little secrets everywhere if you know where to look for them.”

Not so secret are the specifics of SNL afterparties, which Sudeikis describes as being perfect for the most sophisticated Stefons among us. Middle-aged investment banking Stefons, if you will. “It’s not that juvenile anymore. These days it goes much deeper,” Jason said, when asked to compare the current postshow parties to those in the ‘70s. “It’s more about white-collar crime. There’s definitely some money laundering going on at those parties, and some identity theft. It comes from a very different place now. It’s all about the benjamins. But we do know how to party. There’s a lot of dancing, a lot of people doing the macarena and singing ‘Mambo No. 5,’ people drinking Zima and screwing around. It’s the best party in town [bursts into laughter].”

Jason Sudeikis on SNL Secrets, Postshow Parties and […]