John C. Reilly on Stepbrothers 2 and the Problem with Sequels

We’re kinda in the spitballin’ stage; we’re thinking about it. Where it goes from here, I don’t know. Whether it actually comes together, we’ll see. I think we’re all interested in it. No one wants to make a lame sequel, cause it’s such a beloved movie; people really respond to that movie.With The Hangover Part II being a notable exception, it seems that a lot of the successful studio comedies — I’m thinking Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, Zoolander — never get the sequel. Why do you think that is?I think because most people are interested in doing the next original idea, creatively. The studio has been asking about doing a sequel to this movie for a long time, and all of our first reaction was like, “Well, we could do that, but we also just could do some other new movie.” But, lately, we’ve been thinking it might be pretty fun to go back, and we’ve started to think of some ideas, and there’s a lot. It’s very fertile ground.

Here’s a candid John C. Reilly on the prospects for a Stepbrothers sequel, including a refreshing take on sequels in general:

John C. Reilly on Stepbrothers 2 and the Problem with […]