John Mulaney Talks Stand-Up, SNL and Dying Under a Pile of Hotel Stationery

SNL’s John Mulaney is embarrassing everyone once again with his prolificness, spending a very stand-up summer touring the country while the show is on hiatus. “Going on the road for long stretches can seem daunting, and I certainly miss being home sometimes, but the chance to see so many different cities, let alone perform in them, is something I am really grateful for,” Mulaney told Louis Peitzman for HuffPo. “Plus I have so much hotel stationery now it’s just unbelievable. When they find me dead under a pile of it, everyone is gonna be like, ‘Wow, that dead guy saved a lot of stationery.’” When Mulaney isn’t touring or being crushed to death under a landslide of paper products, he’s making human existence slightly more tolerable with writerly gems like the character Stefon. “It’s the cast of that show,” Mulaney explains. “And honestly they are some of the most talented people I’ve ever seen. So it’s a thrill to write something that I know I could never pull off and have someone like Bill Hader or Fred Armisen nail it.” And while as the mountain of monogrammed notepads and pens might start its slow, inevitable landslide toward the couch, Mulaney has bigger and better things yet in store: “I plan to join the SNL band as a maraca player and stand behind saxophonist Lenny Pickett. That way they will at least cut to me before commercial breaks. I’ll be sure to look right into camera.”

John Mulaney Talks Stand-Up, SNL and Dying Under a […]