Jon Hamm/Melissa McCarthy Excellence Rumored For Next Paul Feig Film

I don’t know if I personally believe in a deity, or at least not one that responds to the fervent hopes of the human population. That being said, if there is some sort of benevolent supernatural entity dictating the trajectory of the universe in response to our whims, then I would like to give him/her/it big ups for the rumor that Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy might star in Paul Feig’s next movie. Deadline reports that Universal has made a deal for the film, helmed by Feig and producer Judd Apatow, and the the comedy will follow “[t]he unconventional love story is about a guy who becomes obsessed with a woman.” No negotiations have started just yet, but McCarthy and Hamm are the names on everyone’s lips, particularly mine as I silently pray that this movie actually happens.

Jon Hamm/Melissa McCarthy Excellence Rumored For Next […]