Marc Maron Shot an Autobiographical Pilot About Life as a Comedy Podcaster

In addition to Asner as Maron’s father, the mini-pilot features Ken Jeong (“The Hangover,” “Community”) playing himself as a guest on Maron’s podcast, Matt Jones (“Breaking Bad”), Seth Morris (“Funny or Die”), Erin Daniels ("The L Word”), as well as comedy favorites Angela Trimbur, W. Kumau Bell and Sean Patton. The episode was directed by Luke Matheny, who won the 2011 Academy Award for Best Short Film (and received almost as much attention at the ceremony for his hairstyle and enthusiasm). Maron cowrote the episode with writer Duncan Birmingham.

On today’s WTF with Marc Maron (featuring Amy Poehler!), Marc announced that he’s recently shot a pilot of a TV show based on his life as a comedian and podcaster. It stars him as himself and Ad Asner as his dad, which is pretty great. Here are some more details:

It’s actually a pretty brilliant idea; having a comedy podcast as the centerpoint of the show gives them an excuse to have guest stars in to play themselves. This definitely sounds like it’ll have a Curb Your Enthusiasm vibe to it. Here’s hoping it sees the light of day in one way or another. The studios in charge are Fox TV and Apostle, and this was shot as a presentation, so it has a number of steps to go through before we get to see Marc confronting people he was a dick to in Boston in the early 90s on primetime.

Marc Maron Shot an Autobiographical Pilot About Life […]