Monty Python’s Graham Chapman to Star in New Film, Despite Having Died in 1989

I hope when they reuse the audio from my life to make a biopic, they take out all the cursing and/or make me sound like I actually said things. Now currently in production, Monty Python’s Graham Chapman movie will be using recordings Chapman made prior to his death reading his “absurdist memoir” entitled “A Liar’s Autobiography: Volume VI.” The animated film would splice together Graham’s narration, dialogue from the remaining Pythons and animation from 15 different animation companies making the films many “chapters,” which seems like 14 too many considering that Terry Gilliam is still upright and breathing. So exactly how much actual information will the film have about Chapman, considering that he gleefully admitted to fabricating most of the book? “Nothing,” said the Python’s Terry Jones. “It’s all a downright, absolute, blackguardly lie.” Meanwhile producer-director Jeff Simpson maintains, “Graham’s is the story of a man who was openly gay but secretly alcoholic. This is not the story of Monty Python, it is a man’s life.”

Monty Python’s Graham Chapman to Star in New Film, […]