Oh, Dear: Ben and Jerry’s May Be Prepping a ‘Schweddy Balls’ Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s has apparently had a lot of success peddling comedy-themed ice cream such as Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream and Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack. But rumor has it that they’ve got something planned that goes way beyond those personality-based flavors: Schweddy Balls Ice Cream.

Yes, the Vermont-based company is rumored to be working on a flavor that references the famous, 13-year-old SNL sketch that has Alec Baldwin joining Ana Gayster and Molly Shannon on NPR’s Delicious Dish. I don’t know what the ice cream would actually taste like. It’d be salty, maybe? I’m not sure what they could do to make a flavor called “Schweddy Balls” appetizing, but I suppose I will reserve judgement until I have them/it in my mouth.

Oh, Dear: Ben and Jerry’s May Be Prepping a ‘Schweddy […]