The Story of Robert Smigel’s Comedic Version of The Green Lantern, Starring Jack Black

Did you know that before moving forward with the Ryan Reynolds/underperforming version of The Green Lantern, Warner Bros. hired SNL/Triumph the Insult Comic Dog/many other great things writer Robert Smigel to write a comedic version? His take on the hero would have had a hapless Jack Black getting the ring and becoming a pretty schlubby and lazy Green Lantern. It all fell apart when nerds on the internet got wind of the project and got all mad about their precious hero not being taken seriously. Well, they decided to go the serious route, and now look what you’ve got. I hope you’re happy, nerds.

I know that when the idea was pitched to me to do a comedy about Green Lantern I did a quick review of the specifics of Green Lantern. And I thought, Well, of course this could be a comedy. Basically just the premise that the wrong guy gets the ring and can do all kinds of goofy visual jokes—because the visuals are so potentially ridiculous. What appealed to me about it on a comedic level was that, in order to be a superhero, this requires no physical skill or talent. All it requires is owning this ring. Automatically, that’s a comedic premise.

Anyways, here’s a bit of what Smigel has to say about his version:

The Story of Robert Smigel’s Comedic Version of The […]