A Don Rickles/Bristol Palin Reality Show Seems Almost Inevitable At This Point

Man, if a producer were to harness the power of Don Rickles’ sardonic outbursts and team them up with Bristol’s uncomfortable smiles and thirst for fame? Why, it’d be unscripted television gold! Seriously, Rickles cannot stop interrupting Bristol Palin’s Leno interview, whether it’s pretending to ward off evil or bringing up the inevitable outcome of a Sarah Palin run in 2012.  Jeez, can’t a woman talk about losing her virginity, write about it for her upcoming memoir and subsequently confess it to her politician mother without some comedian taking pot shots off her? I assume there’s got to be a spare bed room in Bristol’s upcoming reality show house that Rickles can move into. Maybe a big dog bed in the laundry room where he can curl up and dream up his cutting jibs? As a side note, whoever wrote that Jay Leno chin joke for Bristol deserves his or her own personal Emmy for Best Joke Of All Leno.

A Don Rickles/Bristol Palin Reality Show Seems Almost […]