A Midsummer’s Week of Comedy

-The Emmy nominations were announced, and we gave our own version of them for a more perfect world.

-Seth Meyers hosted the ESPYs, made fun of Brian Wilson.

-We ran down the top 10 highest grossing American comedies overseas, laying out exactly why Europeans think Americans are stupid.

-Julie Klausner swung by Low Standards to talk about the 1980s non-classic Casual Sex?

-We watched the Seinfeld porn parody, and liked it.

-We talked about the idea of jokes being “too soon.”

-We looked at the lost roles of Dan Aykroyd.

-We dove deep into the SNL career of Jon Lovitz.

-We gave some advice to people considering accusing someone of comedy plagiarism.

-We talked about the filthiness of Nighty Night.

-Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs took some pictures of a “lesbian scene” for GQ’s comedy issue for some reason.

-We asked if we were entering the new age of the comedy auteur.

And, as usual, here are your Top Five Web Videos of the Week:


Mob Wives

Audio Tour

And the Band Played On

You Got Mail

A Midsummer’s Week of Comedy