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Dating Sutton Foster Has Made Bobby Cannavale a Dog Person

Bobby Cannavale==
        Shubert Alley, New York==
        July 9, 2011==
        ?Patrick McMullan==
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Bobby Cannavale gamely took the stage with a homeless dog at the Broadway Barks adopt-a-thon on Saturday, but had no plans to take home a pooch himself, even though event co-founder Bernadette Peters told the New York Post that he just might. “She’s wrong. I’m not going to adopt a dog,” he insisted to us at the afternoon event, sandwiched between the matinee and evening shows of his play, Motherfucker With the Hat. “I just don’t have time. I have a teenager; I can’t have time to, like, come home and walk the thing. If I lived, like, on a farm or something, I’d have a dog, but in the city it’s just too hard.”

Cannavale’s biggest complaint about doting dog owners is when they shun scooping poop. “I had this idea once to take a piece of chalk and circle any place that people didn’t pick up their dog waste. Like a little art project,” he said. “But it made me seem like an asshole, so I didn’t go anywhere with it.”

But, he admits, his girlfriend Sutton Foster’s dog is great. “It’s the first dog I’ve really fallen in love with. She’s a huge dog lover, and her dog Linus is just an incredible dog, and I love that dog,” Cannavale said. So has he taken care of Foster’s dog? “Yeah. All the time, actually.” And it seems he doesn’t mind coming home from work and taking her dog out, in the city. “No, I don’t mind,” he laughed. “It’s the owner that’s got me.”

Dating Sutton Foster Has Made Bobby Cannavale a Dog Person