Bridesmaids Now Apatow’s Highest-Grossing Movie, He Gleefully Reminds Everyone

Let’s get ready to paaaaaaaar-taaaaaaaaaaaaay! As of yesterday afternoon Bridesmaids has officially outearned Knocked Up, making it Judd Apatow’s highest-grossing film and the reason he is buying that sky-writing plane to tell the greater metropolitan area about his success. According to Nikki Finke over at Deadline, Bridesmaids has pulled in approximately $148,769,000 in theaters compared to Knocked Up’s $148,768,917. “I am so delighted to confirm that I was right and you were wrong,” Apatow apparently wrote Finke yesterday in an delightfully catty email. “From now on when you say something which hurts me, I will remember to read your early Bridesmaids opinions and predictions and that will soothe me.” Because it’s so hard to capture “three snaps in a Z formation” via the written word.

Bridesmaids Now Apatow’s Highest-Grossing Movie, He […]