Christopher Walken to Play Zeus in Strangest Greek God Ensemble Comedy Ever

There have been plenty of adaptations of Greek myths on the big screen, but the upcoming comedy Gods Behaving Badly looks like it will come closest to how the real ancient Greeks imagined their gods. I mean, John Turturro as Hades? Rosie Perez as Persephone? Christopher Walken as Zeus? If the ancient Greeks didn’t pray to such an insane cast, it’s only because they didn’t know any better. Here’s the full rundown of gods:

Aphrodite — Sharon Stone

Apollo — Oliver Platt

Artemis — Edie Falco

Demeter — Phylicia Rashad

Dionysus — Nelsan Ellis

Eros — Gideon Glick

Hades — John Turturro

Hermes — Henry Zebrowski

Persephone — Rosie Perez

Zeus — Christopher Walken

Phillips’ satire envisioned the gods and goddesses as fallen deities living like normal humans on earth — working lame low-rent jobs as phone sex operators and dog-walkers, tinkering in one another’s affairs, using their powers to become TV stars — but writers Josh Goldfaden and Marc Turtletaub (who will also direct) transplanted the setting from a London house to a New York City brownstone. Production begins mid-July in New York.

And here’s what to expect with the movie:

Christopher Walken to Play Zeus in Strangest Greek God […]