Dave Chappelle Will Intentionally Bomb If Someone Dares Tape His Standup

Dave Chappelle sure doesn’t like it when people try to videotape his standup appearances. He hates it so much, in fact, that he’s willing to derail an entire show and stand on stage for 45 minutes doing little more than sighing and complaining about the offending taper. That’s just what he did last week, telling a single joke in 45 minutes — at a charity event, no less! Look, Dave, I appreciate that you want to keep your new material under wraps until you release it widely in your own way. But you’re the one who’s built up all this demand by going off the grid and now mostly doing surprise, unannounced standup shows. You can’t do that and then be pissed when people are hungry for your material. And really, a charity event? Come on.

Dave Chappelle Will Intentionally Bomb If Someone […]