FX Unveils Fall Comedy Premiere Dates, IFC Plans Marathon of Aussie Wilfred

FX, which is quickly becoming the AMC of comedy with it’s almost universally awesome original comedy programming, has just released its Fall premiere schedule. Here’s what’s going down: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia starring Fat Mac comes back Thursday, September 15th at 10PM, The League comes back Thursday, October 6th at 10:30PM and Archer is coming back for a “special 3-week run,” whatever that means, on Thursday, September 15th at 10:30PM.

In other FX-related news, IFC is planning to air a marathon of the original Aussie version of Wilfred on July 31st at noon. Set your DVRs and you’ll have the full eight-episode run all to yourself. Not a bad deal! I like it when you two play nice, IFC and FX. I like you both so much.

FX Unveils Fall Comedy Premiere Dates, IFC Plans […]