Jason Sudeikis’ Uterus Affliction, And Other Hilarious Maladies

I’m going to say about 90% of the recently publicity surrounding Jason Sudeikis and/or Horrible Bosses has to do with Sudeikis’ feet, the various diseases they can be used to diagnose (see above) and the touching of said feet, as evidenced by both his Conan’s interview and this weekend’s Vulture article. Once he pushes past the toe-popping and wincing pain-gasms, Sudeikis ruminates on the parade of assholes and perverts he finds himself portraying as of late. “I’m just going through the commandments, one by one, violating them. In my next movie, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy [out September 2], I teach my buddy to covet his neighbor’s wife. But there, it’s less about the sex thing and more a comment on what’s the most intimate take-back-your-lost-youth ploy imaginable.” Vulture even goes so far as to dub him “the thinking woman’s sex symbol,” thankfully, as we women have grown tired of all these muscle-bound troglodytes. “Who said that?” Sudeikis says. “That’s very nice! I hope that’s not an insult to thinking women. That’s my first concern. That a bunch of semiotics majors at Brown are reading that and going, What are they talking about? That guy’s an idiot!”

Jason Sudeikis’ Uterus Affliction, And Other Hilarious […]