Joan Rivers on Louis C.K., Tracy Morgan and How the Shocks Just Keep on Coming

It seems that Joan Rivers’ Louie cameo inspired the same moony comedian love in Joan that Louis C.K. gushed about to the A.V. Club earlier this month. “I hadn’t heard of him. Somebody said there’s this very funny comedian who has a show and he’s really very good,” says Rivers tells Vulture about her recent guest spot. “And they sent me I think his pilot and one episode. I thought they were wonderful and they said do you want to do something and they said he was in New York and I said, “Love to. Love to, love to, love to.”

Having offered words of encouragement at the time about the Tracy Morgan’s anti-gay backlash, the same woman who had her Fashion Police costars give Hitler an on-air round of applause and joked about abortion on Carson wants to make clear she could care less if audiences get upset. “I’ve never thought in those terms, that’s why I’ve always been an outsider and continue to be an outsider,” Rivers says, when asked if it’s hard to be edgier as a woman. “And Tracy Morgan, who I hear is not a very nice person, but he has every right on stage to say anything he wants. And it’s supposed to be funny, guys! And if you go see a comedian, you can’t be offended by what they say.” Luckily for her career, the world never fails to produce more and more offensive material to riff on: “There’s always something shocking. Believe me. There’s always something that you want to talk about that’s just insane. Like this Casey Anthony case.”

Joan Rivers on Louis C.K., Tracy Morgan and How the […]