Lost Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse Were ‘Fighting’ on Twitter

Lost fanboys have been in a bit of a tizzy since yesterday afternoon, when former Lost exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof appeared to be getting embroiled in a Twitter feud. First Cuse tweeted that he had “dreamt about Nikki and Paulo last night. They were saying to me, ‘No matter what, don’t do it.’ What is that all about?” Not long after,Lindelof replied, “You know what it’s about.” For the next few hours, the two men traded vague tweets about revealing the “truth” and “opening the vault,” with the pretty clear indication that they were discussing the somewhat controversial ending of the show. Cuse advocated shutting up (“We don’t need to prove anything to anybody”), while Lindelof pressed for sunlight (“You want to keep the smoking gun in the holster? WHY?”).

Some Lost fans started fretting that Mommy and Daddy were fighting. “Wow. Lindelof and Cuse are really going at it. Started friendly. Got mean!,” one fan tweeted. Wrote another, “I always knew the yankees fan in @DamonLindelof and the red sox fan in @CarltonCuse couldn’t co-exist but it’s sad to see them fighting.” U.K. website Spoiler TV even opened a thread for fans to vent.

The longer the fight went on, the more even the most sensitive Lostie began to suspect that this wasn’t a real squabble. Neither Cuse nor Lindelof would clarify the tweet beef for us, but it seems likely that it was all a setup for the Lost panel slated for Friday at Comic-Con, which advertises “surprise guests.” While co-moderator Jeff Jensen from Entertainment Weekly insisted on Twitter that he had “no idea” what Lindelof and Cuse were discussing, it doesn’t seem much of a leap to assume the showrunners are setting up something, either for the panel or elsewhere at the SDCC. And likely it’s not a fistfight.

Meanwhile, the five remaining fans of The Event are expected to gather outside of the San Diego Hilton Starbucks for a personal apology from that show’s producers for having wasted a year of their lives.

Lost Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse Were ‘Fighting’ on Twitter