Louis C.K. Regrets Palin Comments, Thinks ‘she’d really Hitler up the place’ if Elected

Based on Louis C.K.’s GQ interview for their August comedy issue, it’s clear he really, truly regrets making those awful/hilarious Sarah Palin tweets last September, specifically the statement “kudos to your dirty hole, you fucking jackoff cunt-face jazzy wondergirl,” while drunk on a flight to L.A. “God, what a mess. I really shouldn’t have done that. I regret it a lot. I wish I hadn’t done that,” Louis says now, explaining “I’m not a political comedian. That’s just not what I do.”

Luckily the universe immediately conspired to punish him for his Twitter crimes, ensuring that the other guest during his visit to The Tonight Show later that same week would be Bristol Palin. “I had no idea until I arrived that her fucking daughter was on the show,” Louis explains. “She seemed so nervous to me, and after her segment I told her, ‘You did a good job. That’s not easy.’ And she said, ‘Thank you.’ And then she invited me to dance. And I knew I was paying some kind of penance for what I’d done. I’m standing there—me, Bristol Palin, Jay Leno, and the “Dancing with the Stars” dude and I’m like, This is totally karma. Pretty direct karma.” Despite his apology, C.K.’s remorse can only stretch so far: “All that other shit, though, saying Palin had a Chinese family in her vagina and whatever, I don’t regret that. It’s comedy. I have said many indefensible things onstage. It’s fucking comedy. Plus, I do believe if she got elected, she’d really Hitler up the place.”

[Photo: Chris Buck/GQ]

Louis C.K. Regrets Palin Comments, Thinks ‘she’d […]