Marc Maron’s Heartfelt Keynote at the Just for Laughs Festival

We risk all sense of security and the possibility of living stable lives to do comedy. We are out there in B rooms, dive bars, coffee shops, bookstores and comedy clubs trying to find the funny, trying to connect, trying to interpret our problems and the world around us and make it into jokes. We are out there dragging our friends and co-workers to comedy clubs at odd hours so we can get on stage. We are out there desperately tweeting, updating statuses and shooting silly videos. We are out there driving ten hours straight to feature in fill in blank city here. We are out there acting excited on local morning radio programs with hosts whose malignant egos are as big as their regional popularity. We are out there pretending we like club owners and listening to their ‘input’. We are out there fighting the good fight against our own weaknesses: battling courageously with internet porn, booze, pills, weed, blow, hookers, hangers on, sad angry girls we can’t get out of our room, twitter trolls and broken relationships. We are out there on treadmills at Holiday Inn Expresses and Marriott suite hotels trying to balance out our self-destructive compulsions, sadness and fat. We are up making our own waffles at at 9:58 AM two minutes before the free buffet closes and thrilled about it. Do not underestimate the power of a lobby waffle to change your outlook.All this for what? For the opportunity to be funny in front of as many people as possible and share our point of view, entertain, tell some jokes, crunch some truths, release some of the tension that builds up in people, in the culture and ourselves.

Marc Maron delivered the keynote speech at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal today, and the newly-redesigned Comic’s Comic has posted the entire thing. It’s pretty great! He talks about his own journey as a comedian and how he’s finally found stability in his life in ways he couldn’t have previously imagined. He also talks about the untimely passings of Greg Giraldo, Robert Schimmel and Mike DeStefano. The whole thing is very much worth a read. Here’s a taste:

Marc Maron’s Heartfelt Keynote at the Just for Laughs […]