Melissa McCarthy: Even Better In Bridesmaids Then You’d Thought

As you probably could have guessed, the Bridesmaids DVD is going to straight-up murder you with outtakes of Melissa McCarthy’s genius riffing. To prove it, GQ rounded up the film’s cast to testify to the actress’s master improvisation skills. “During the Brazilian-restaurant scene, Helen’s talking about this big house she has and that people can stay with her if they want. Melissa goes on this whole run of how she needs to do that because there’s a squirrel infestation at her house, and a squirrel had burrowed into her vagina and was living in her vagina. I could never get it into the movie, but it made me laugh so hard,” recalls Paul Feig. As McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone, the dubious Air Marshal Jon, explains, “Melissa will do anything to get a laugh. It’s pathological. Once [with the Groundlings] she had a sketch where this guy spurns her, and she gets so mad that she tries to pop these balloons she’s brought him. She couldn’t get one to pop, but she wasn’t going to lose. She finally head-butts the freaking thing, and it pops, and she smashes her face into the stage and breaks her nose. To this day she’s like, ‘Well, the audience liked it.’”

Melissa McCarthy: Even Better In Bridesmaids Then […]