New Documentary, Real-Life Cheesy Poofs Commemorate 15 Years of South Park

Having started with the South Park art exhibit in New York this past March, South Park’s Year of the Fan continues to give the people what they want for the show’s 15th season, including a phantasmagorical South Park Fan Experience at San Diego’s Comic-Con, and a South Park documentary to be released this fall, about which the press release says, “A documentary crew was given an all-access pass to Stone and Parker’s world at South Park Studios in Los Angeles.” Second- or third-most importantly, Cheesy Poofs will be made manifest and sold this fall in Wal-Mart, thus finally giving you a legitimate excuse to be in a Wal-Mart. Other South Park materials are on the way from KidRobot and JunkFood and if there is a god, I will finally be able to purchase the “I Hate Towlie” t-shirt I was meant to have.

New Documentary, Real-Life Cheesy Poofs Commemorate 15 […]