Rob Riggle Talks About His Early Days with UCB, His ‘Oprah Story’

Serial Optimist has an excellent interview with Rob Riggle today, in which he talks about his early career and how he transitioned from being a US Marine to one of the most in-demand comedic actors around. In particular, I love this anecdote:

I wrote down in this book, and to me at the time, quitting flight school was so hard for me, again I’d never quit anything in my life, it wasn’t sitting well with me to quit, so if I’m going to quit, it has to count. The first thing I wrote down in this book was that I’m going to get on Saturday Night Live. I wrote that down in 1994, in September of 1994’. Then in September of 2004, ten years later, I got on Saturday Night Live. It was almost to the day that I had written that down. And it took ten years. When I wrote that, I was a First Lieutenant living in Corpus Christi, TX, who had never done anything on stage aside from in college, and had never done any comedy on stage, and I just thought I’m gonna find a way, and then ten years later it happened. So that’s my Oprah story.
Rob Riggle Talks About His Early Days with UCB, His […]