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The True Blood Sex Index: What Characters Have Had the Most, and How?

One of the pleasures of watching True Blood, beyond the charms of Eric Northman and the multiple pronunciations of Sookie, is the sex. Season after season, new supernaturals pop into Bon Temps, and the only thing you can be sure about the werewolves, werepanthers, fairies, and witches in the mix is that they’ll like to get down just as much as the humans and vampires living there already do. In seasons past, audiences have been treated to everything from a big gyrating Dionysian orgy to an in flagrante Exorcist-style head twist: Just last week, werepanthers forced Jason Stackhouse into becoming a baby daddy many times over, with the help of some Viagra. Given all the action, Vulture decided it was time to get organized about things: Which characters have had the most sex, and of what kind? We’ve counted up and charted every single instance of the different kinds of sex seen on the show (sex with biting, sex in dreams, sex tied up, sex on V, dry humping, oral sex, and much more — even those relatively vanilla moments when Alan Ball sees fit to pan away and not show us all the dirty details) and indicated how many times each character has partaken in them. Check out our handy True Blood sex index and hope Tara is taking the proper precautions.

The True Blood Sex Index