The 20 Best Single-Serving Websites on the Internet

Auto Buds: From Delocated’s Jon Glaser, Auto Buds are two cars of the same make, model, color, or as identical as possible, that are parked right next to each other or in close proximity.

Where is Randy Savage?: A collection of photos with randy savage ingeniously photo shopped into them.

Hungover Owls: Owls that look hungover.

Literally Unbelievable: People who mistake the onion headlines as real.

I’m not racist, but: People on social networking sites who start updates with ‘im not racist, but…’

Cats who look like Ron Swanson: Self-explanatory.

Fiddy’s Biddies: Woman and men who tweet sexually provocative things to 50 Cent, and his awesome replies.

Arrested Westeros: Arrested Development quotes mashed up with Game of Thrones screencaps.

Slaughterhouse 90210: Literary quotes applied to pop culture entertainment.

What’s that in Danzigs?: Take any unit of measurement and it tells you how much it is in Glen Danzigs.

Eye on Springfield: A retrospective of Simpsons hilarity spanning from seasons 1 to 9.

Tom Hanks in a wax museum: A Double-whammy of poor schmucks posing next to terrible Tom Hanks wax figures.

Dumb tweets at brands: People’s dumbest tweets at companies.

Chicks with Steve Buscemi eyes: Self-explanatory.

Yes that can be my next tweet: Generates your personal future tweets based on the DNA of your existing messages.

Tom Haverfoods: Tom Haverford’s most inane food monikers

Fuckyeahmenswear: Incredibly well-written prose based off a single men’s fashion photo.

Paula Deen riding things: Self-explanatory.

Waterfalls and Tom Selleck and sandwiches: Tom Selleck photoshopped with a waterfall and a sandwich

Who is Osama?: Social network status updates of people who didn’t know who Osama bin Laden was.

Conor McKeon is a writer living in Brooklyn… New York.

The 20 Best Single-Serving Websites on the Internet