An Interview with Scott Gairdner, Creator of Tiny Fuppets and Tons of Other Insane and Wonderful Things

Somebody showed me “Ratatoing,” a Brazilian ripoff of “Ratatouille.” It’s made by this company called Video Brinquedo, which actually translates to “Toyland Video.” So through that I found this YouTube rabbit hole of crazy Brazilian rip-offs of American cartoons. My favorite is “The Little Cars,” a rip-off of “Cars.” Theres one called “The Little Panda Fighter,” which is a “Kung Fu Panda” rip-off. I guess they just really like smaller versions of things. So I just wanted to make a tribute to those, just as a kind of in-joke for anyone who had seen them. I’d never done any animation, so I basically just taught myself how to do that, and it took me an embarrassingly long time to make all of them, like over a year.

Scott Gairdner, staff writer at Funny or Die and creator of the Tiny Fuppets, is one of the best comedy writers currently working on the internet. I proclaim it to be so! Today, the Huffington Post interviewed him about his work, the Tiny Fuppets and working at Funny or Die. He talked a bit about the inspiration for the Tiny Fuppets:

That up there is the trailer for The Little Cars, which shows how faithful Gairdner was to his inspiration with the Tiny Fuppets. Amazing.

An Interview with Scott Gairdner, Creator of Tiny […]