Anderson Cooper Loses His Giggly Shit Over Gerard Depardieu Pee Story

Anderson Cooper’s giggle fit over Gerard Depardieu’s whole “peeing on an airplane” thing is the reason you’ll be watching this video. When he loses his mind around 2:30, Anderson sounds like a cartoon baby bunny in a $5,000 suit. That being said, I’d also like to tip my rumpled beret to the writers of the RidicuList for squeezing that many pee-related jokes into a 4 minute segment; I counted a conservative 18. Other than the reference to “Depar-two” that sets Cooper a-snickering, the best joke is has to be the Edith Piaf/Edith Pee-off pun. Or possibly “flying Incontinental.” Or maybe “an actual thespian thes-peeing.” If the RidicuList keeps churning out material of this caliber, I think I smell an Emmy! Oh no, wait, that’s just a urine-soaked airplane carpet. Either way, it really smells in here, you guys.

Anderson Cooper Loses His Giggly Shit Over Gerard […]