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It’s Time to Play ‘Which Humanlike Ape Was That?’

Photo: 20th Century Fox
Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Photo: 20th Century Fox

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes opens tomorrow, just a few weeks after the documentary Project Nim, a slightly different take on simian intelligence. Apes centers on Caesar, a super-intelligent chimp raised by James Franco, who initiates a monkey uprising; Nim follows “Nim Chimpsky,” an ape raised more or less as a human child as part of a language-acquisition study. Caesar leads a revolution, Nim hangs out with a bunch of hippies, and both have a fair amount in common with Travis, the “most famous ape in America.” On the occasion of the wordily named The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, we ask: Can you tell their stories apart? Let’s see! (Multiple answers can be correct for any given question.)

Which story includes an ape being locked, distressingly, in a cage against its will?

Which story involves a super-violent, seriously injurious ape attack?

Which story has apes jumping on cars?

In which story do apes consume drugs or alcohol?

Which apes engage in surprisingly intimate physical contact with human beings, like being breastfed by a human being, or kissing and sleeping in the same bed as a human being?

Which apes interact with the police?

Whose human guardians subject the ape to its emotionally traumatic lifestyle "for science"?

Which story includes a human dressed as an ape?

Which chimp learned sign language?

Which chimp do we get to know as an adorable baby, who was ripped from its chimp-mama's arms?

Which of these stories makes you long for the innocence of Koko's Kitten?

It’s Time to Play ‘Which Humanlike Ape Was That?’