Comedy in the Dog Days of Summer

-We went to the tenth anniversary celebration of Wet Hot American Summer.

-Jonah Hill is one irresponsible childcare worker in the red band trailer for The Sitter.

-We looked at the treatment of the media in Parks and Rec.

-John and Matt tackled the Tom Hanks classic The Burbs in this week’s installment of Low Standards.

-We ran through -We talked to the wonderful Paul F. Tompkins about all sorts of things.

-We watched the Two and a Half Men porn parody so you don’t have to.

-We looked at the long, complicated history of the many attempts to reboot the Fletch franchise.

-We looked at the SNL contributions of Molly Shannon.

-We looked back at the strange, wonderful career of Michael Ian Black.

-The Party Down reunion is indeed coming to Childrens Hospital, just without Adam Scott.

-Roseanne announced that she’s running for president.

-We checked in with the stars of some of MTV’s earliest comedies.

-Louis CK met Dane Cook on Louie.

And, as usual, here are your Top Five Web Videos of the Week:

Meet the Tiny Fuppets

7 Minutes in Heaven with Patricia Clarkson

“Bachelorette” Ashley Is Single Again

Sacks West with Don Cheadle

Barry Fisler, Office Comedian

Comedy in the Dog Days of Summer