Craig Ferguson Jokes About The Anthrax Scare On Late, Late Show

Shit is getting real on late night, people! First it was David Letterman’s death threats, now yesterday Craig Ferguson’s anthrax scare had both real and sexy fireman alike in a dance-panic over an envelope of white powder received by the Late, Late Show. “I’ll test it for you if you want!” Ferguson reassured the police officers who responded. “I have a special test that I conducted between 1979 to 1992!”

Two people were reportedly held at the studio around 3:00pm after being exposed to the substance, but luckily a hazardous materials team determined that it was benign, meaning Craig was then free to go riff-crazy. “My first concern was for the staff, and by staff I mean my penis,” Ferguson explained, later in the show joking, “I was going to come out and talk about the earthquake, but I can’t do that now. Because the earthquake only scared millions of people on the East Coast, but the white powder did something much worse — it scared me.” Ever worse than that, the incident basically disproved one of the main benefits of having a robot sidekick: the inability to inhale.

Craig Ferguson Jokes About The Anthrax Scare On Late, […]