Dan Aykroyd: Ghostbusters 3 Is Shooting Next Year With or Without Bill Murray

Yes, we will be doing the movie and hopefully with Mr. Murray. That is our hope. We have an excellent script. What we have to remember is that Ghostbusters is bigger than any one component, although Billy was absolutely the lead and contributive to it in a massive way, as was the director and Harold [Ramis], myself and Sigourney [Weaver]. The concept is much larger than any individual role and the promise of Ghostbusters 3 is that we get to hand the equipment and the franchise down to new blood.

What’s a worse idea than a new Ghostbusters movie? A new Ghostbusters movie without Bill Murray in it. But that’s just what we may be getting, according to Dan Aykroyd:He claims that shooting will begin next spring, but as Collider points out, they’ve said in the past that shooting would be starting in 2009, 2010, and twice in 2011. Obviously that hasn’t happened.

Maybe they should just come up with an original idea instead of forcing this one through? I know that flies in the face of modern Hollywood logic, but come on.

Dan Aykroyd: Ghostbusters 3 Is Shooting Next Year With […]