Dave Chappelle Gives First Interview In 5 Years: ‘It’s addictive, being a famous person’

It might be the first Dave Chappelle interview in five years, but sadly he didn’t guarantee us a new, equally funny show like we’ve all basically demanded. While talking with the DJs of San Franscisco’s Wild 94.9, Chappelle discussed bombing in Florida last month, living in the Midwest (“Ohio is not as bad as people would think,” Dave insists) and, of course, whether we’re going to ever see a successor to Chappelle’s Show. “It’s kind of like I’m trying to kick. It’s kind of like, you know…it’s addictive, being a famous person,” Chappelle explained, completely side-stepping the new show question. “I don’t want that to be the driving portion of my life. It was an enjoyable part of my life. It was good when it was good, probably much like drugs, but there are parts of it you don’t want.”

Chappelle then goes on to compare his relationship with entertainment industry thusly: “Listen, a guy does drugs for how long in his life? A year, two years. He could spend the next twenty years of his life trying to get over a good drug time, and show business is like that.” Right, exactly like how it’s going to take me 20 years to get over the Prince sketch.

Dave Chappelle Gives First Interview In 5 Years: ‘It’s […]