Dexter Haiku Contest: We’ve Got Winners!

The fifth season of Dexter.

Thanks to everyone who entered Vulture’s Dexter season-five DVD boxed set contest! Who knew there was so much great poetry to be written about Julia Stiles, shoddy police work, and crushing on serial killers? Unfortunately, only five people could win. Congrats to the following folks …

Tick-tock, that’s the sound
of your life running out, Dex.
You will be found out.

A cut on my cheek.
A swift sharp stab to my chest.
Hey, is that my watch?

Season five’s highlight:
A thin curtain of plastic
Between Deb and Truth.

seriously, deb.
you don’t see dex’s secret?
great police work, sis.

Dexter and Lumen,
Killing her rapists en masse
Then she leaves. Alas.

Dexter Haiku Contest: We’ve Got Winners!