Don’t Dust Off Your Frilly Cravat Just Yet: Austin Powers 4 Uncertain

Before you start busting out the catchphrases that made you the funniest kid in seventh grade, it turns out reports that Austin Powers 4 is definitely happening might be greatly exaggerated. According to Deadline, New Line offered Mike Myers a deal for a new feature film sixth months ago, which he responded to positively last week. However, the last movie Myers discussed with the studios was a Dr. Evil film back in 2008. Unfortunately that was a heady time in American life, when The Love Guru was in theaters and not one of us was watching it. As of now, Myers hasn’t signed any contracts nor decided definitively which part of the Austin Powers universe he plans to explore: a Dr. Evil movie, or another round of good ol’ AP. One things for sure: if there’s more Fat Bastard in either of them, my movie ticket had better come with a coupon for free psychological counseling.

Don’t Dust Off Your Frilly Cravat Just Yet: Austin […]