Elizabeth Banks Was Way Ahead of Everybody on the Whole ‘Ladies Pooping in a Comedy’ Thing

Let me tell you that I wrote a scene that took place in a bathroom where girls took a shit with each other eight years ago, and the studio execs were like, “Nobody wants to see that. People don’t want to see girls doing that.” And I was like, “Yeah, but there’s a way to do it that’s true to life. Because I’ve done this! I’m writing from experience! You go to a club and you have to wait in a huge line, so people double up. Because that’s what we do. We take care of each other. And, yes, you think you’re only going to take a little pee, but sometimes some poops come out. And wouldn’t that be hilarious?” And they were like, “No. Nobody wants to see girls pooping.” Well, Bridesmaids was like, “Fuck you! We want to see that! Because that’s funny!” Of course, the poop scene was the one everyone talked about. They did it right. They did it in a grounded way that was about, you know, the shame of that situation for Kristen [Wiig]’s character, which was really great.

Here’s Elizabeth Banks on how she’s excited that Bridesmaids has paved the way for a raunchier, more real sort of female in comedies. But also, she was so ahead of the game with a disgusting poop-related scene involving ladies:

Elizabeth Banks Was Way Ahead of Everybody on the […]