Here Are Some Paul Rudd/Adam Scott Best Friends Pictures For You to Hang In Your Locker

As a red-blooded American heterosexual man, I am only excited by Megan Fox and cheeseburgers, but I’ve gotta be honest: I’d hang out with Adam Scott and Paul Rudd and happily do a playful photoshoot involving pressing our butts together. But then, it would be weird, as they have been best friends for a couple of decades and I don’t know either of them, and touching butts is one of those things that you’ve gotta ease into over the course of many years. They’d be like “who are you and what are you doing here?”, and that would really kill the fun vibes necessary for a goofy shoot. Ah well.

If the above photo isn’t hilariously adorable enough for you, here’s another one and an anecdote about their wilder younger days:

AS: We had dinner together with our families last night—our wives are friends, our kids play with each other—but after dinner I was driving back past Paul’s old apartment and laughing about how many times we’d go back there at, like, four in the morning and play music. It was such a shit-hole. But we were happy listening to music so loud and staying up late just so drunk. PR: Hammered. AS: Air guitaring. PR: We’d go out to bars until they closed and then we’d go back to the apartment and just sit around and play music with, like, three or four dudes.

Here Are Some Paul Rudd/Adam Scott Best Friends […]