Ken Marino on Party Down, Reunions Of All Kinds and His Denim Short Shorts

The Party Down reunion on Childrens Hospital airs tonight, and Ken Marino is already looking back on the laughter and the tears. “It was bittersweet because all of us who worked on Party Down know how special and wonderful that was, and we still are a little sad that it didn’t go any further,” he tells Vulture. “So it was kind of cool to see everybody back in their uniforms and doing their parts, but then it was sad because it’s a short little piece that we did on an eleven-minute show. When it ended, we were all like, ‘Goddamn it.’”

While Marino didn’t have an update, re: the Party Down movie (“Am I hopeful? Yes. Am I realistic that it might not happen? Sure.”), he did share deets about Wet Hot American Summer reunion held at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn earlier this month, specifically the saucy, historically accurate cut-offs he sported. “I had just gotten in that day, and David [Wain] and I were finishing up postproduction on the movie Wanderlust, so I didn’t have time to go out and get the costume that I wanted,” he explains. “I still had the wig from the actual movie. So somebody ran out and got me shorts. They cut them and they came down to my knee and I was like, ‘Oh no, no, no. We need to cut all of this off.’ So I took some scissors to it and I think they came out pretty good.”

Ken Marino on Party Down, Reunions Of All Kinds and […]