Kid Cudi Doesn’t Smoke That Much Anymore

Kid Cudi.

Frenemies Wale and Kid Cudi are on good terms again, a development the two decided to commemorate by collaborating on a song for Wale’s upcoming album, Ambition (due out November 1). As Wale told MTV, the track is about being 23 and “Trying to figure it all out … [Cudi and I] went from not having sh– to having money at our disposal, so it kind of f—ed up our friendship.”

The story of their reconciliation is kind of sweet. Though the truce took place on Twitter, Cudi initially tried to play it old-fashioned by calling first. Wale didn’t believe it was him:

“The main reason why I didn’t believe it was him was because his voice was really light, and I remember it always being raspy … He was like, ‘I don’t smoke weed anymore, bro. My voice is changing. I’m about to hit you on Twitter right now. This is really me.

I saw it was him. I was like, ‘Sup, man, how you been?’ He said, ‘I been good, man. I just wanted to get right to it: I know I’ve been acting kind of f—ed up and weird,’ and this that and a third and all that other personal sh–. He threw that out there, and we just made amends. The next morning, he called me like, ‘I just wanted to let you know I wasn’t high or anything when I called you. I really meant it.’”

The resulting song, which features raps from Wale and a chorus from Cudi, is called “Focused.” Multiple meanings!

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Kid Cudi Doesn’t Smoke That Much Anymore