Louis C.K. on His Emmy Nominations: ‘I personally don’t need it. I’ve already won.’

According to his Q & A with Deadline, Louis C.K.’s Emmy nominations for Louie are a pleasant surprise, without all that faux humble garbage that people are always trying to pull.”Well yeah, the Emmy thing, that’s just crazy,” C.K. explains. “I was honestly expecting nothing. Actually that’s not entirely true. I thought maybe I’d get something for writing the special. But the nominations for the FX series, I had no idea these voters were even aware of it. Yet now that it’s out there, I see it as an opportunity. And I’m doing all I can to try to win. It’s hugely important to me.”

More important to C.K. than the personal vindication that comes with winning, he says, is the public confirmation that his boss at FX did not make a gigantic mistake in greenlighting his show. “I want the establishment to tell John Landgraf that he did the right thing, and that he should let me keep doing it. That’s what the Emmy is for me,” he explained. “I personally don’t need it. I’ve already won. It would also reward all of the amazing crew people who work so hard making Louie what it is and maybe give the crew job security and Landgraf even more credibility.”

Louis C.K. on His Emmy Nominations: ‘I personally […]