Melissa McCarthy Almost Losing Consciousness Over Emmy Nom, SNL Gig

What with the success of Bridesmaids and pretty much every other facet of her career, Melissa McCarthy is primarily struggling not pass out. “I just about fell over,” McCarthy says of hearing her own name called while announcing the Emmy nominations. “My knees buckled and I thought, ‘This is a weird time to flub the teleprompter.’ I was waiting for the producer to come out and say, “Sorry, she’s not nominated – our bad!” I legitimately thought it was my turn to talk and I forgot part of the script and I was gonna make it so awkward.”

As for her upcoming SNL hosting gig, scheduled for the second episode of the season, the Mike And Molly star is similarly light-headed. “Oh man, that is seriously enough to make me pass out,” she says. “I mean, it’s the holy grail. I’ve watched SNL since I was eight – when my parents didn’t know I was watching. Literally, behind a door, through the crack – I’ve just been so inspired by women like Gilda Radner and Jane Curtin. That show is ingrained in all of us. It’s so iconic. Weirdly, I have a lot of friends on it now, so for those worlds to collide, is totally and completely overwhelming.” Sadly, it looks like I’ll be the one crumpling to a heap on the sidewalk in a dead faint, since there’s not really any news about the rumored Bridesmaids sequel. “I’ll show up wherever they tell me, but there’s no script, no talks,” McCarthy explains. “I think a lot of people are excited for it. But none of us are signed on to do a sequel, so I don’t know if it’ll happen.”

Melissa McCarthy Almost Losing Consciousness Over Emmy […]