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Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Arrested for Starting Flash Mob

This is obviously not MGK’s flash mob; this one happened in front of Buckingham Palace.

Yesterday around 2 p.m., Machine Gun Kelly, a rapper recently signed by P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records label, went to his Twitter feed to announce:

Today we flash mob NO MATTER WHAT! 5pm at SouthPark mall in the foodcourt, wear disguises, dont move to you hear ‘Cleveland’ play then RAGE!

Well, “flash mob” he and two others did, standing on a table in the Strongsville, Ohio, mall, until police came and arrested them. (In Kelly’s defense, there would have been more people taking part, except right before 5 p.m. he tweeted that “they’re kicking out ppl w costumes… Be normal, I guess?“)

The trio were freed about an hour later, at which point Kelly claimed that the incident had been a “statement,” before tweeting “EST till the death, lace up. Cult shit.” Which we take to be some sort of battle cry against either conformity or The Man, which his flash mob was ostensibly meant to undermine.

Rapper Arrested in Ohio After Organizing Flash Mob [NYT]

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Arrested for Starting Flash Mob