Stephen Colbert Alerts Poo-litzer Commitee To Intrepid Cub Reporter Katie Eastman

Due to her numerous recent mentions on The Colbert Report, Katie Eastman of Des Moines’ WOI-CT is now known nation-wide as the journalist bloodhound who cracked open Garage Sale Gate. It has also resulted in a barrage of Facebook, voice mails and tweets from virtual strangers whipped into a frenzy by Colbert’s “Rick Parry” campaign at the Ames straw poll. “I just died. … I started screaming, and just like pacing the kitchen floor,” Eastman tells NPR, after finding out about Colbert’s name check. “Like, ‘That just did not just happen! No! That was my face! Oh, my gosh!’” Despite her concern that people might be the impression she “only cover[s] puppies,” the reporter explains, “You can laugh at yourself. That’s what I’ve been doing.” Also, would that or would that not be the greatest career of all time?

Stephen Colbert Alerts Poo-litzer Commitee To Intrepid […]