The Comedy Week

-Louis CK was on Conan, and he did some new material on the couch.

-Speaking of Conan, its not doing so hot in the ratings.

-We watched the Ghostbusters porn parody. Spoiler alert: Slimer has a penis in this version.

-We gathered up TV comedy’s 10 most tragic characters.

-What could be the plot to the oft-promised Arrested Development movie leaked out of a crack in Hollywood.

-Kyle Kinane survived -We takled to Marc Maron about his podcast and his new standup album.

-We looked at the burgeoning comedy scene in Afghanistan, of all places.

-We looked at the lost roles of various late night talk show hosts.

-We looked at the SNL contributions of Rachel Dratch.

-Here are ten things you probably did not know about the Police Academy franchise.

-We checked in with the former hosts of Talk Soup.

And, as usual, here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Robert Reich Explains the Credit Downgrade

Quirky Girl with Aaron Paul & Teresa Palmer

Lisa Frank

Clip Cup

The Fuppets Are Not Ripoffs

The Comedy Week